Get ready for the 2019 Conference!

Pikes Peak-Garden of Gods, Colorado Springs Fall view
Pikes Peak from Garden of Gods, Colorado Springs, Colorado Fall view

The conference schedule has changed…

Our 2019 Conference will now be held in Colorado Springs, Colorado – home to America’s Mountain, Pikes Peak during September 12-15, 2019.

More detailed conference information will be posted on our conference page as soon as it becomes available.

This decision was made by the board due to concerns that tensions over U.S. – Mexico border issues may escalate and cause travel difficulties. While the consensus is that in all likelihood, there would not have been critical travel restrictions, the perception of such may have reduced attendance.

2 thoughts on “Get ready for the 2019 Conference!

  1. Your website tells me the 2018 conference is in Sonora. Will there be a 2019 conference.

    Also, please explain how I may apply to be a member through Internet and credit card. I couldn’t figure it out.

    Thank you.

    Phyl van Ammers


  2. Thank you for your interest in the Anza Society! We have some preliminary information posted about the upcoming Conference in Alamos next year. You will find this here: I’ve added you to the contacts notification list so that you will receive information on our upcoming events. Additionally, you will find the links on our website’s Membership page both for the membership application and the option to pay by credit card.


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