The Society typically holds the Annual Juan Bautista de Anza International Conference in either Mexico or the United States of America. The Conference includes presentations of scholarly papers, field trips, and re-enactments of historic people and events.

Held annually since 1995 (except for 2020 & 2021,) in locations including Arizpe, Sonora, Mexico (home to the Anza family in America); San Francisco, CA; Yuma, AZ.  If you are a formal or informal student of history, we invite you to join the Anza Society and participate in these vibrant and educational conferences.  If your formal studies include Spanish Colonial history, we invite you to contact us to broaden our understanding of the life and times of Anza.

Our members have documented many of our conferences.  Follow the links on the highlighted text for highlights of these conferences.  In 2007, the Sonora Historical Society hosted the 12th Annual International Conference in Hermosillo, Sonora.  The Santa Barbara Trust for Historic Preservation hosted the 2008 Annual Conference in Santa Barbara, California.

The 14th Annual International Conference   was held in 2009 in Tucson, Arizona.  Returning to Mexico, the 15th Annual Conference of 2010 was held in Magdalena del Kino, Sonora.  In 2001, the 16th Annual International Conference  focused attention to Anza’s time in New Mexico and was held in Albuquerque.

In 2012, the 17th Annual International Conference  was held near Tubac, Arizona.  Site visits included a living history presentation at the ruins of Guevavi Mission in Southern Arizona.  Following a visit to Arizona, the 18th Annual International Conference was held in Monterey, California in 2013.

2014 took the Anza Society to Banamichi and Arizpe, Sonora.  The Annual International Conference included the unveiling of two information panels produced by the organization, Ruta del Rio Sonora about Anza life and activities in Sonora.

Returning to the US in 2015, the 20th International Conference was presented in Pueblo, Colorado.  Site visits included a visit to possible locations of the decisive battle between Comanche Chief Cuerno Verde and Anza.  The Alamos History Association hosted the 21st Annual International Conference of 2016 in Alamos, Sonora.  The Association posted a wonderful report on their site.

2017 brought about a visit to Calexico, California with the 22nd Annual International Conference held on the San Diego State University Imperial Valley Campus hosted by Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and author Carlos Herrera. For our 23rd Annual Conference in 2018, we visited Taos, New Mexico. Then in 2019, conference plans for our 24th Annual Conference were re-routed to Colorado Springs, Colorado instead of the originally planned Alamos, Sonora.

The 25th Anniversary celebration of the (nearly) annual International Anza Conference brought us back in 2022 to another favorite place, Banámichi, Sonora. Well, this really was a treat and well worth the wait, especially after 2 years of delays due to the Covid Pandemic. Please read the Conference Summary, complete with many photos.