La Expedición de Anza, 1775 Fundraiser

La Expedición de Anza, 1775 (LEA) is a public outdoor experience, depicting the life of a group of 240 people who passed through Tucson in 1775, on their way to California, where they established the City of San Francisco.

Welcoming all visitors, LEA is designed to be accessible for everyone, including individuals with disabilities. Located adjacent to the Arizona School for the Deaf and Blind in Tucson, Arizona, LEA is an outdoor classroom for ASDB students and staff, providing an educational resource to the community of Tucson.

The total cost of this new facility is approximately $250,000. Roughly half of this has been generously provided with materials and services from Pima County. This project has been made possible thus far by generous support from The National Park Foundation, National Park Service, Anza Society International, the Union Pacific Foundation, Community Share and individual donors like you. We are completing approximately three quarters of LEA. The balance depends on generous donors like you. Gifts in any amount are welcomed and appreciated.

Thank you for helping make the Anza Trail accessible to everyone!

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