La Expedición de Anza, 1775

La Expedición de Anza, 1775 (LEA) is a public outdoor experience, depicting the life of a group of 240 people who passed through Tucson in 1775, on their way to California, where they established the City of San Francisco.

Welcoming all visitors, LEA is designed to be an accessible cultural history park for everyone, including individuals with disabilities. Located adjacent to the Arizona School for the Deaf and Blind in Tucson, Arizona, LEA is an outdoor classroom for ASDB students and staff, providing an educational resource to the community of Tucson.

The LEA outdoor classroom was completed in July 2022, and is open every day for public use. It provides a shaded outdoor classroom and gathering space, with tables suitable for classes and other groups. It is centrally located and integrated with surrounding park pathways, Braille cables and artworks.

The new shaded outdoor classroom will be used by students and staff from Arizona School for the Deaf and Blind, and other schools and park visitors. The newly installed posts and cable assist all users in way finding, no matter the abilities.

The entire LEA Park is rapidly approaching completion. In addition to the outdoor classroom, all the trails, cables, benches and landscaping are done. A tactile Anza Expedition map and wayside signs are done and will soon be installed. Artworks are being fabricated and painted. We expect these and other finishing touches to be completed in the fall of 2022, ready to be enjoyed by people of all abilities and ages; classes from Arizona School for the Deaf and Blind, other school groups, local residents, and of course anyone interested in the cultural heritage of southern Arizona. We are very grateful for the essential cooperation and generosity of all the partner organizations and individuals which have joined together to create this new community cultural resource, La Expedición de Anza 1775.

Thank you for helping make the Anza Trail accessible to everyone!